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Meet the Teacher Editable Template for Special Education

Meet the teacher forms are so helpful for the new school year! This is a great place where you can house so much information. I always loved giving these out to new parents. It’s such a great way for parents to get to know you, and as a special education teacher we are all too aware that parents need to feel very secure and safe when leaving their child with you- and rightfully so. 

Image of the meet the teacher forms in full color

This meet the teacher form comes with two different versions (one bright and colorful and the other is more muted). Both versions also come in a black and white option to save on ink! Both forms are completely editable to allow you to include whatever information you need to include. 

Some of the things I liked to include in mine consists of information about myself including my background, contact info, philosophy and more. I also like to include a statement or information about the team that will be working with their child. This is a great place to talk about various expectations for the year such as illness policies, community based outings, supply lists, guidelines that fall within the classroom setting, evergreen supply lists and literally anything you need to include. 

These are simple, easy to make, easy to prep and perfect to provide! You can check them out in my shop here and save 15%! Or if you prefer to purchase through TpT, you can find them here. They are also included as part of my Special Education Teacher Kit that you can find here

If you have any questions about these forms, needs guidance on filling them out, or anything else, please email me at


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