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Special Education Teacher Kit

Do you teach in a self-contained classroom? If so, this bundle has EVERYTHING you need to set up and get started. This bundle includes 20 different products that you can use to set up and start your self-contained special education classroom.


What's included?


1. Prompting Heirarchy

2. Transportation Signs

3. Universal Data Collection

4. Parent Survey

5.  Meet the Teacher

6. Daily Schedule Cards

7. Calendar Time Set

8. Daily Communication Notes

9. Daily Behavior Calendar

10. Visuals + Workbox System

11. School Learning Binder

12. Basic Skills Binder

13. Pre-writing notebook

14. Paraprofessional Handbook

15. Student Behavior Folder

16. Token Boards

17. Back to School Photo Sign

18. Life Skills Posters

19. "I Can" Statement Posters

20. Preference Assessment


More in depth details for each can be found here! 


This item is a downloadable PDF. There will be a link in the PDF that will take you to all of the different resources that are housed in dropbox. Once purchased, you shouldn't have any issues downloading! Dropbox is free to use! 


Special Education Teacher Kit

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