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Pre-Writing for Special Education

⭐Are you a self-contained special education teacher? If so, your students likely need support in pre-writing skills instruction through a variety of different levels. Writing can be such a challenging task for our learners. Most students I have served truly need hands-on support at the most basic level to get them started. That’s why I created this pre-writing resource for my students. This pre-writing set provides 11 different leveled units to meet the needs of all students. I also love using this as data to show parents/IEP team how their writing has progressed throughout the year. 


Here are some ways it has helped me in the classroom.

  • It provides leveled pre-writing instruction for a self-contained classroom that can be used all year
  • It provides simple repetition for learners for each day (this helps with routines and expectations)
  • It is leveled and designed to increase in difficulty as they progress
  • It is 100% NO prep- just print and go
  • With 11 different units provided there’s something for everyone from the start
  • The layout is clear, simple, and free from distractions
  • Can be used with any student- I even use the level 1 sheets with students needing hand over hand support


What’s Included?

  • This 180-page pre-writing bundle is designed for struggling or beginning writers.
  • 11 units are included to help your students build their writing skills over the course of the school year.
  • Unit 1- Lines
  • Unit 2- Curves
  • Unit 3- Pencil Control
  • Unit 4- Trace Inside Line
  • Unit 5- Pencil Lift
  • Unit 6- Shapes
  • Unit 7- Pencil Path
  • Unit 8- Numbers
  • Unit 9- Letters
  • Unit 10- Pictures
  • Unit 11- Spirals

Check out the preview to see a sample of each unit. 


These worksheets can be printed for 1-time use or placed in sheet protectors to be used over and over again! I would recommend printing at least a pre/post page if you plan to use this to show progress over a period of time. 


How can you use this in the classroom?

  • Daily practice and review
  • Centers
  • Small group instruction
  • IEP goals
  • Work boxes
  • Morning work
  • Early finisher
  • Independent work
  • Homework
  • Homebound instruction


How is this helping others right now?

⭐This resource has been helpful in my classroom. My students that struggle with pencil grip and legible handwriting ask me daily if they can practice. I have seen improvements since they have been working through these sheets.


⭐I absolutely LOVED this product and feel that it was such a steal! I have a variety of students with a variety of fine motor levels and found this helpful for ALL of them! I like that the pages are simple and clean so there are not too many visual distractions and I loved that they are numbered and organized into units. Thank you so much for this!


⭐This has been so helpful for some of my kids who have little to no experience holding a crayon or pencil! Thank you so much:)


⭐My students that were struggling with writing found this resource very useful! Thank you! Looking forward to using it for my class for the rest of the year.


⭐My child struggles with fine motor and pencil positioning/grip. I love the building blocks of skills. Great resource for my kiddos at home and in the classroom.

Pre-Writing for Special Education

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